We are proud to bring you the New Western Union Hack Money Transfer Services. Our systems are layered with the most advanced technology to enable you to have a memorable experience with us. Due to the international reach and secure networks that our services have, we can work on Transactions on a 24/7 hours basis. We also provide services including but not limited to; WESTERN UNION HACKING, MONEYGRAM HACKING, BANK TRANSFERS and hacking services related to Paypal funding, Card top up . You are here to make some money and our team will guarantee you successful deal. We always advice you to share the testimonies to your friends and families after making money with us.


NO SUCH THING called WU BUG. We does the hack manually after we gain access to the western union agent portals. Money can be sent and approved in your name and it is safe for you to pick up cash at your local western union store. Our system deletes traces on every picked up MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number). We spread malware (malicious software) and gain access to the western union database and can send out funds to any country worldwide. Once you make your request/order, the funds are accessed. We then send you the cash out details and MTCN for verification purposes, which will enable you to pick up your funds at any Western Union Location.



Yes, we also have access to the moneygram database and can send clean funds to you on request/order. Contact us for details on our Email: darkwebpro68@gmail.com


Recipient First name

Recipient Last Name





First you have to contact us through our email darkwebpro68@gmail.com. Tell us your country/location for proper verification before you make payment to us. After we confirm your payment, the waiting time is 20-30 minutes then you get MTCN + all details for you to cash out. After your successful payment confirmation, You will receive the MTCN# + all details (sender name + country sender) for your cash-out money. You do get your MTCN immediately, whenever you want and anywhere that has Western Union. It is important to stay on standby during this time while your transaction is taking place. Our Transfers are guaranteed and Legit


PRICE  AMOUNT                DETAILS
$500$8,0002 MTCN’s of $4000 + ALL INFO FOR CASH OUT
$800$12,0003 MTCN’S of $4000 + ALL INFO FOR CASH OUT


We accept payments through Bitcoins, iTunes Gift cards, Western Union/Moneygram. Contact us for other acceptable payment methods


Email: darkwebpro68@gmail.com

1,789 Replies to “WESTREN UNION HACK”

  1. Goldie Atherton on said:

    Hello everyone, the hacker is legit. I sent the whole of my pay check $800, they immediately sent me $5000 moneygram, another $5000 western union and then $5000 to my cashapp tag, I got the whole of $15,000. Omg this is so much money. I’m repeating this over again ❤️

  2. Sheila Alejandro on said:

    Never want to comment but as promised, I have to …I got the ATM card delivered couple minutes ago. Just coming from the ATM machine and yes it paid $1000

    • Lenard Taylor on said:

      Cool, I also using the card in South Carolina. No issues at all

      • Marcha Fifield on said:

        nice, I heard so much good news about this hacker

  3. Karen Reece on said:

    I got the ATM clowns card and it was well designed like that of ones issued by the bank. I’m cashing out with no issues at all. Thank you Adming for coming through for me after many hackers burned me

    • Same here, got my card and it’s working.

  4. Mike MacAlister on said:

    Admin funds my card account for the amount of $10 000 every week and yeah I got many cards. More more money !!!

  5. Gabriel Angelo on said:

    I’m Gabriel from Arkansas USA
    They sent me the western union money and I got paid. I’m gonna do this again after work and pick up in the mid night as I have 24 hours western union outlets. Thank you admin

  6. PasqualeBowler on said:

    They funded my green dot bank successfully. I’m having $10,000 as promised

  7. Aaron Kendall on said:

    Hi guys this is legit. Picked up my $5000 cash at western union agency location wow

    • Cruz Hinton on said:

      Thank you mate, after reading comments I decided to try this out. I paid 1000 British pounds. They sent and showed me proof here. The money didn’t hit immediately…which I guess it’s coming internationally. Good news I got the 20,000 British pounds delivered to my Royal bank of Scotland . I’m happy

      • Deven Nicholson on said:

        Western union worked for me. First time customer and I got paid 3900 EUR. I’m from the Finland

  8. Cruz Hinton on said:

    The bank stuff works. Thanks mate

    • Tabitha Wall on said:

      Amazing, my first deal here was PayPal funding and it happened instantly. They are legit

  9. Mccall Nike on said:

    Got my ATM debit card on Friday. It allows me withdraw cash $1000 daily at the ATM machine and upto $3000 online and at POS store. I took the bold step to make money with you guys. The first hacker that scammed me said you people are fake, after he scammed my money, I then come back to you. Now you have proof you are legit. god bless you admin

    • Tianna Gentry on said:

      Love this… I will be ready next week

      • Josh Armstrong on said:

        Wow this is real I hate myself now. I sent my last to one dude in Africa and got scammed. Admin can you still help me if I come up with $200 ?

  10. Yes received a money transfer of $ 9,958.00 bank charged some fees lol. Thank you admin. To receive funds, contact admin they are legit

    • Doris Comeau on said:

      When all hope lost, I found about this hacker on YouTube comment. I spent my last $200 with them. Damn they sent $3900 directly to my name and I picked up successfully, no questions ask bcoz the sender bears my last my name..that’s how professional this hacker is.. I’m so happy

  11. Kaela Mosciski on said:

    5000 USD picked thank you mr hacker

    • Jarrett Pena on said:

      Does it works in Asia? I’m Hungarian

      • Dark web ADMIN on said:

        @Jarrett yes we transfer to all Asian countries…worldwide transfers available at all time

  12. Catherine Boren on said:

    Hello from Georgia
    Finally I got 20,000 US$ from Admin. Guys this is NO SCAM. I got what I paid for and fast too.

    • Elliott Peters on said:

      I got 25.000.00 GBP in London through my bank. I think I got the wire transfer within 12 hours tho time difference..admin is legit

      • Rusty Cohen on said:

        Wow seems the services are worldwide delivery wow. I thought it’s for Americans only I’m from Michigan USA and for the past 4 days I’ve been withdrawing $5000 everyday via PayPal and cashapp transfers..very safe too

  13. Rusty Cohen on said:

    This yesterday deal, successful always. Thank you mr hacker, you are reliable

  14. Robert Quinn on said:

    Hello admin, I have just got my ATM card wow it looks like a real card issued by the banks. I have just made my first cashout $3000 thank you

    • Robena Moreno on said:

      Nice, though I got cashapp transfer from here. They are the best damn

  15. Sophie Wilkins on said:

    I paid $300 and got $5000 loaded into my card. Thanks I appreciate you guys


  16. Katlynn Combs on said:

    Omg this is my first time to do this. Bank transfer was successful. They paid $10,000 into my Bank of America account

    • Malcolm Hopkins on said:

      I paid 500USD for a ATM card. They shipped my card with has balance of $15,000 I’m so lucky they added more balance for me.This hackers are the best. Sure delivery

  17. Kwame Malone on said:

    recieved 5000 $ here in my country Kenya

    • Larry Diaz on said:

      I’m somewhere in West Africa and yes it’s working for me here. This is my underground secrete of making money

  18. Josef Welch on said:

    Bank Transfers

    Welcome to the global world where making money is now easy without stress, we have been receiving mails from several individuals who are seeking for how to hack a bank account and withdraw money and know about process of bank account hacking and program for hacking bank account, we will explain the process of bank … Continue reading Bank Transfers
    Western Union|| Worldwide Transfers

    • Josef Welch on said:

      Bank transfer deal is what we do now with admin . Each deal we pay $2000 to cashout upto $150,000 real damn deal!!!

      • Lois Martinez on said:

        Hi Josef
        After reading your comment I decided to give this a trial. I sent $500 and admin hacker sent back $10,000 to my bank account. All happened in the space of 43 minutes. I’m very happy

  19. Jodi Fowler on said:

    I am house wife lol, I tried for $3900 they paid me. Now I’ve showed my husband the way to make easy money. We making withdrawals everyday and never have no issues. This is legit

  20. Fatima on said:

    I’m a retired government worker from Pakistan. I am now making money here and they are honest hacker

  21. Marco Dale Sledge on said:

    Withdrawals successful. Thank you admin

    • Ryder Levy on said:

      Hi guys, I’m new here, I paid 500 euros in Finland and the hacker sent back 10.000 euros to our bank here. Deal completed ✔️

  22. Alberto Landon on said:

    Yes the card is paying me ever since I Recieved it

  23. Adkins Gunner on said:

    This hacker team are the best for this ATM card shit. I’ve lost $8000 to scammers claiming they can ship card to me. So I ordered from them and I paid only $500. They shipped the card to me with UPS shipment
    1Z9Y30600342275005. Card it’s paying everyday $1000

  24. Paula Macias on said:

    I’m overwhelmed having come across this hacker. Well they sent me $5000 to my PayPal and $10,000 to my cashapp which I withdrew couple minutes ago. I gotta help my family with money thank you admin

    • Carol Hu on said:

      PayPal is boom yes yes I just got another $8000 to my PayPal awwh thank you admin

      • Vernon Ellis on said:

        Well this is my first time tryna make shitty money online lol. So I sent $300 to them last night and got $5000 instantly credited to my cashapp. It’s amazing and fast tho

    • Rebecca Batman on said:

      Yes it’s real. I’m using this card in Ontario Canada and it works fine

      • Melinda Fitzgerald on said:

        The card works here in Dominica I’m using same and I’m happy customer too

  25. Derrick Powel on said:

    I got my package yesterday that contained the ATM cloned card. It looks pretty goods and working perfectly okay. I’ve withdrawn $1000 so far and I think it’s daily limit is $1000 but I still have $49,000 balance left. Great job admin

  26. Wendy Haynes on said:

    I’m a Filipino based In Oman ever since I found this hacker on a forum, I makes money everyday having them send lots of money to me and my relatives through western union and moneygram. We make almost USD 10,000 everyday. This is legit and safe too

  27. Jacob Browns on said:

    Hey hacker, thank you so much. My family just confirmed the deposit of $30,000 to our local bank in Australia and also I am happy you also sent me $5000 here in America through western union. You are the best

  28. Ashlay Hazalton on said:

    This is all I do now to pay my bills. Thank you admin, I have just picked up the $8000 moneygram transfer. I will send more money for another deal as soon as my bitcoin ATM location opens

  29. Thomas Bailey on said:

    Excellent! I wish to apprentice and work with you guys for long time. Thank you for the smooth bank transfer of $30,000 y’all did a great job for me

    • Thomas Bailey on said:

      I did the bank deal and got $50,000 last week and this week on the 10th June I got my ATM debit card balance $100,000 from this same hacker

  30. Jacob Adkins on said:

    Here’s proof I got my ATM card well packed and it works fine. Still making withdrawals on daily basis. Thank you admin hacker

    • Dave Lahey on said:

      My family are in Texas and I’m here In Japan. Sending money home all time and smooth. Thank you admin. You made life so easy for me and my family.

      • Claude Logan on said:

        I’m doing the PayPal hacks and Cashapp….$5000 daily. This people are the best and trusted

  31. I want to receive western union 5000 EURO in Belgium. Give me the necessary information. Thank you

  32. Darla Murphy on said:

    Hello mr hacker, thanks I picked up exactly 3900 British Pounds here in Wakefield, United Kingdom

    • Aric Carrillo on said:

      I’m in London. I’m gonna try this first thing tomorrow morning. Thanks for letting me know this works in the UK

      • Carl Harrell on said:

        Im from Canada. Western union is worldwide acceptance so it should work for you. Here in Canada, I’ve gotten paid more than $50,000 Canadian dollar. Nobody does it better than the admin here because many hackers already lied and took advantage of me in the past. Never again! Thank you darkwebpro68@gmail.com

        • Dark Web ADMIN on said:

          Thanks for the feedback. Contact us for more business

    • Mollie Mcclain on said:

      Oh thank you, I’ll chat you up on google hangouts then

  33. Mollie Mcclain on said:

    Who do I contact for WU transfer of $200 = $3900

  34. Cory Watts on said:

    Giving feedback from Oregon, my mtcn worked and I have just picked up $5000 at local store here

    • Shelbie on said:

      Hi, yes I used my PayPal account to receive $8000 from this hacker. They are good at this..

  35. I ordered for 3 pieces of the ATM cloned card $100,000 balance on each card. All card arrived and delivered successfully. I’ve cashout almost $20,000 within 24 hours

      • Aric Franklin on said:

        Hi I now believe everyone that commented here. Yes I sent my $500 today and they deposited $10,000 it’s really awesome doing this business with you guys. Thank you so much

  36. Mollie Mcclain on said:

    Finally I got this done with them today. After every doubts, they proofed me wrong. They funded my bank f or $10,000 exactly 10 minutes wait. Thank you admin

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