We are proud to bring you the New Western Union Hack Money Transfer Services. Our systems are layered with the most advanced technology to enable you to have a memorable experience with us. Due to the international reach and secure networks that our services have, we can work on Transactions on a 24/7 hours basis. We also provide services including but not limited to; WESTERN UNION HACKING, MONEYGRAM HACKING, BANK TRANSFERS and hacking services related to Paypal funding, Card top up . You are here to make some money and our team will guarantee you successful deal. We always advice you to share the testimonies to your friends and families after making money with us.


NO SUCH THING called WU BUG. We does the hack manually after we gain access to the western union agent portals. Money can be sent and approved in your name and it is safe for you to pick up cash at your local western union store. Our system deletes traces on every picked up MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number). We spread malware (malicious software) and gain access to the western union database and can send out funds to any country worldwide. Once you make your request/order, the funds are accessed. We then send you the cash out details and MTCN for verification purposes, which will enable you to pick up your funds at any Western Union Location.



Yes, we also have access to the moneygram database and can send clean funds to you on request/order. Contact us for details on our Email: darkwebpro68@gmail.com


Recipient First name

Recipient Last Name





First you have to contact us through our email darkwebpro68@gmail.com. Tell us your country/location for proper verification before you make payment to us. After we confirm your payment, the waiting time is 20-30 minutes then you get MTCN + all details for you to cash out. After your successful payment confirmation, You will receive the MTCN# + all details (sender name + country sender) for your cash-out money. You do get your MTCN immediately, whenever you want and anywhere that has Western Union. It is important to stay on standby during this time while your transaction is taking place. Our Transfers are guaranteed and Legit


PRICE  AMOUNT                DETAILS
$500$8,0002 MTCN’s of $4000 + ALL INFO FOR CASH OUT
$800$12,0003 MTCN’S of $4000 + ALL INFO FOR CASH OUT


We accept payments through Bitcoins, iTunes Gift cards, Western Union/Moneygram. Contact us for other acceptable payment methods


Email: darkwebpro68@gmail.com

1,789 Replies to “WESTREN UNION HACK”

  1. Lorenzo Miles on said:

    Yeah these guys are legit. I just use to be a broke ass nigga but started making money from yesterday. I got $3900 yesterday and today I got $6000

  2. Michelle Ahmad on said:

    Happy women’s day everyone. A big thank you Admin for the bank transfer of 25,000$ I’ve just withdrew 5000$ from my account and about going out for shopping with my daughter

  3. Star one on said:

    Receiving my ATM card by Monday. Admin issued me with fedex tracking 119813478435

    • Kevin~ on said:

      My card delivered to me yesterday and it’s working. Also through FedEx #777975326240

  4. Jesse McClelland on said:

    Moneygram hack is real. Wow I picked up cash at the Walgreens that operates moneygram. Thank you admin for this miraculous $6000

    • Elnora Holmes on said:

      I have the $200 which is their minimum fee but scared this could be a scam? Are you sure you received money from them? I’m a single mother that needs help not tryna loose the hard earned money. I have sent email waiting for their response

      • Jesse McClelland on said:

        I paid for moneygram hack they sent the reference# and yes it worked out for me. They are legit

  5. Ricardo Brown on said:

    Best service ever found online. Today again I got $25,000 bank transfer order processed instantly. I already sent $5000 to my mother for her birthday…thank you guys

  6. Elnora Holmes on said:

    Ok I just completed my payment of $200. Waiting for my transfer in western union. I will let everyone know if this people are legit or nah

    • Michelle Poole on said:

      Have you gotten your money yet? They have just funded me through cashapp and I’m happy right now.

      • Elnora Holmes on said:

        Not yet but they said they are on my transfer right now… so I’m waiting

  7. Edwin Tolbert on said:

    Hello admin, can you transfer to money to my bank instead of western union? I don’t have a car to go pick up. If I have the money in my bank I will appreciate it. I have emailed my bank details to you. Let me know

    • Dark Web ADMIN on said:

      Ok we just processed the transactions and it should be available in your bank shortly. Can you confirm and let us know?

      • Edwin Tolbert on said:

        Sorry I reply late. I checked before it was not there but right now checked and it has come in. You are always the best. Thank you

  8. Elnora Holmes on said:

    Wow guys finally it’s done. They have transferred $3900 to my western union prepaid card account. I was even thinking it’s gonna be $2900 but they sent $3900 omg thank you so much mr admin

    • Dark Web ADMIN on said:

      We gives bonus of $1000 on every deal. Contact us anytime for more flip

      • Gigi Dallas on said:

        Hi admin thank you for the ATM card. It’s working fine for me here in Denmark

  9. J Thompson on said:

    Last week Friday I got my ATM card in mail via UPS tracking 1Z9E823E0399033108. I spent the balance $45,000. Can you load this card for $100,000? I can pay whatever fee. You guys have made me rich.

    • Todd Jay on said:

      Legit people! They sent me $3900 in western union which I picked up successfully

      • Dwayne Robinson on said:

        Ok guys my transaction has been completed. $7000 sent to my PayPal instantly cleared. this is legitimate

  10. Margaret Carey on said:

    OMG bank transfer works here like this is so real. Wow I recieved the funds $10,000 some minutes ago. Thank you admin

    • Katherine Horton on said:

      I am writing from London. Thank you hacker for the quick £8000 to my Halifax. I never knew this will work but I gave it a trial. I’ll inform others

  11. Dark Web ADMIN on said:

    we already guaranteed you successful pickup

    • Angela Garza on said:

      I sent $200 already for my transfer. Please add the funds to my PayPal. Thank you

  12. Archie Warren on said:

    Hi mate I have just withdraw the first MTCN AU$ 3900. I will be at 7 Eleven store to pick up the other MTCN. Omg you definitely the best

  13. Kenneth Olson on said:

    This my fedex tracking code 770056405365 my card arrived here this morning. I’ve withdrew some $$$ at the ATM and was able to buy many things I needed at home since we now in isolation. Thank you big time me hacker

    • Murphy Doe on said:

      I need urgent western union to Kentucky admin please contact me

  14. Murphy Doe on said:

    Finally got this done. Idk how they do this hacking but the money were delivered to my bank $3900.00 exact and I had to use my ATM. Thank you mr hacker

  15. Matthew Miles on said:

    If y’all think we don’t make money here you are waisting your time. Big time cash out with them!!!!

    • Private on said:

      Hi guys, I believe this is a legit place. Ordered ATM card from them and it’s getting here tomorrow. I were issues with USPS tracking# 420441209400128206335100592288

  16. Garrett Romero on said:

    I found this hacker couple weeks back. I been working with him for sometime now and yes WU trf is real. Garrett from London

    • Garrett Romero on said:

      Thank you admin for helping me

      • Benny Spencer on said:

        I got ATM debit card delivered to me yesterday through fedex#391335224226 . Card balance $22,901.53. I have spent $7000 already.

  17. Angelina Powel on said:

    I successfully got $6000 today. Thank you admin for helping a single mother of 2. Remain blessed

    • Brenda Jackson on said:

      This is working 100%. I got what I paid for and it took only 17 minutes to receive $8000 into my ScotiaBank…

  18. Carl Koons on said:

    Hey admin, careful… you sent me more than I paid. I paid $200 but you sent $3900 instead of $2900..I have the money deposited in my bank now. Should I return $1000 back to you guys?

    • Dark Web ADMIN on said:

      Nah it’s not a mistake. We still giving away $1000 bonus on every deal. Good to hear you received your funds

      • Carl Koons on said:

        Omg you’re the best. I’ll spread the good news all over!!!

        • Benjamin Ashford on said:

          Ok just tested the water. I invested $200 for moneygram transfer. I finally got paid $3900

  19. Curt Linnex on said:

    Great service here. I made $17,000 this week alone. I’m gonna get a new car next week. Thank you admin

  20. Private on said:

    I been making some withdrawals from this card. I cash out everyday. Admin you are a blessing to me. This some couple withdrawals I made already…

    • Danielle Higgins on said:

      Writing from England..so it was my first time doing this. They made deposit of £8000 to my Halifax Bank. I can now take care of my kids for this whole quarantine. Thanks

      • Zachary Bond on said:

        I did this in Australia and I’m smiling over $6000 Australian dollar. They are fast and furious

  21. SkyWhite15 on said:

    So I’m getting the cloned ATM card today. Can’t wait to start making withdrawals. Admin gave me the UPS tracking 1Z31FW460369473478.

    • Timothy Hedlund on said:

      Massage from Sweden. The moneygram was completed. Admin this is confirmation. Can we have more deal with you today or tomorrow?Thank you

        • SkyWhite15 on said:

          Yo admin. My ATM arrived yesterday. I made some ATM cash withdrawals $2000 and performed online shopping too. So if I empty the balance, are you going to mail a new card or this can be funded again?

          • Dark Web ADMIN on said:

            We will reload it from here

  22. Ondřej Černý on said:

    Hi. Admin. I want my transfert sended to Czech. Ok? Bitcoin sended. Ok. Check. Now.

    • Dark Web ADMIN on said:

      We just sent you the Mtcn and pick up info of the WU. Pick up your funds at the location only

      • Ondřej Černý on said:

        Hi. Again. Agency hand money. Success. Good business. Thankyou.

        • Irving Myers on said:

          I got instant bank transfer today. 13,709.28 Canada Dollar wow

  23. Hansen Mueller on said:

    Just this period of quarantine:)

    • Marlene Vail Wheeler on said:

      Bank transfers worked for me. Last week I got total sum of $49,077.31 on my Bank of Montreal Canada. Admin pls keep the good work

  24. Bruce McKelvey on said:

    Hi, my friend told me about you guys that if I send 200 I get 3900 in return. I have a western union card, can you put the money in there? I was scammed yesterday by a hacke offering 200 for 8500…I paid they blocked me. I believe I am now in the right place. I can send my payment in bitcoin as soon as you contact me

    • Dark Web ADMIN on said:

      We can fund your card instantly. Emailed you details

      • Bruce McKelvey on said:

        Oh my god!!! This is quick money. I’ve received the money in my WU card account. omw to the ATM now..thank you guys!

  25. Billie Scott on said:

    UPS tracking# 1ZWF25470306281934
    so i got this damn debit card balance $144,812.34 together with the bank logs full details. I’m now in control and I cash out everyday. Thank you admin

    • Sally T Sue on said:

      Very correct. This guys are the best every found online. I got the ATM card yesterday with FedEx 770236809115. Everything worked out as expected

      • Darrell Kauffman on said:

        Who do I contact for transfer? I’m need here

  26. Dominic Tucker on said:

    Hey admin are you guys working today? I have few balance left on my PayPal and I still need more transfer. Y’all did a great job for me last week..lemme know ASAP.

    • Oscar Teague on said:

      I picked up my transfer early this morning. Cheers

      • Dark Web ADMIN on said:

        Sure we re open. Emailed you

        • Sophie Perkins on said:

          I never knew you guys were so real,OMG the $25,000 have just arrived to my bank. It’s so much money compare to what I earned at my job..damn this is quick money!

    • Sasha Dada on said:

      Thank you admin for fast funding of my PayPal $6000

  27. Mason Briggs on said:

    Funds received in my PayPal. Here’s notification I got

  28. Ruben Dillion on said:

    Finally I got paid at Walmart $3900 exact. Thanks and I’ll Massage y’all again tomorrow afternoon

    • Unkown on said:

      I’m expecting my ATM card tomorrow and given tracking# 7764081010 FedEx

  29. Rachael Greens on said:

    I’m interested in western union transfer. How do I get started?

  30. Jessica McAbee on said:

    Thank you for sending the $45,000 to my JP Morgan chase. I’m getting a new ride soon for my birthday

    • Al B. Barnett on said:

      Yes, on this lockdown I still cash out as you can see, they are the best EVER

  31. Rachael Greens on said:

    Hey guys I started with 200 and got $3900 on my first order. So today I invested $300 and got $6000 instantly wow admin thank you for my transfer and also for the free $1000 giveaways on every deal

  32. Melissa Whitney on said:

    I’ve made a lot of money here. Admin is always reliable

    • Ondřej Černý on said:

      Hi, yes, peaceful business. I now have value over US$150,000 worth in my local bank Czech. This hacker, 100% good

  33. Chad Lyles on said:

    Thank you for my transfer that took place in 23 minutes my money successfully sent to my bank. I appreciate this guys

    • Albert Molnar on said:

      I picked up my $3900 successfully

      • Ganesh kumar on said:

        Hello admin, many positive feedback… im Interested but 4days before i lost my dollar some scam website… i was paid Btc then them don’t transfer money to me..

        • Dark Web ADMIN on said:

          Sorry about your loss. We can help you make quick money if you ready

  34. Debra Powel on said:

    Bank transfer is working. Omg I have now received $13,999.00 credited to my TD Bank. Thank you mr hacker

    • anonymous on said:

      Finally my ATM card is coming here today from UPS tracking 1Z1864990369123844. I have balance $45,000 on this card. Thank you Admin

  35. Jeremy Marroquin on said:

    I thought y’all scam but nah I was wrong. Here’s today pick up

    • Kathleen Cohen on said:

      I received cash at western union $3900 that was not all. Same time they sent $10,000 to my citiBank which occurred same day. I really appreciate your services mr hacker

      • william on said:

        through which means did u made payment?

        • Kathleen Cohen on said:

          I paid with wu at first. Later found out I can purchase bitcoin from my cashapp

  36. Amelie Watson on said:

    Amazing how I received 6000US$ today from this people! This call for celebration coz I’ve been getting ripped off since past weeks. And thank y’all are Legit

    • you guys changed my life already and I’ll be ever grateful to them $$$$

      • Alice Foster on said:

        I’m writing from Canada. This transfer works for me through western union. Since this time I have been making quick money here

  37. Victoria McClure on said:

    Okay, I would never lie to anyone. Admin have been the best for me ever since I lost $3000 to some hackers. Just 2 weeks I started with you I’ve earned $27,755.80 in total. I have my records and thank you so much

    • Ryan Azevedo Gomes on said:

      Not try transfert western union before. This hacker sent USD 5000 success to me PayPal. Good man here…sorry my bad English. I Brazilian oky recoment him good good

      • Dark Web ADMIN on said:

        Thanks for the feedback and contact us for more business in the future.

        • Rebecca Miller on said:

          Admin thanks , my card has $45,000 balance and arrived here on Saturday via FedEx Tracking# 392747148872. It’s working

          • Dark Web ADMIN on said:

            Great. Contact us for more business

  38. Georgina Clarke on said:

    Lucky I found this website now this my secret…I already made a lot here

    • V mini on said:

      Fedex tracking number 393039060549 getting my ATM card at the end of the day. Can’t wait to start cashing out

  39. Jacqueline Michalak on said:

    So guys, it’s my first time doing this WU hack shit with the Admin. I picked up $3900 at the store and the whole process took 55 minutes. They are legit and reliable

    • Angeline Garner on said:

      I’m in Atlanta GA. I did bank transfer $500 and got back $10,000 though it took us an hour coz getting bitcoins for payment was new to me. But at end I’m happy customer

      • Harvey Gonzales on said:

        PayPal transfer is also fast. Admin sent me $5000 today with no issues. Recommend!!!

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